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Digital Nomad & Travelers App: Discover a new way of life with Nomad Life - the app that makes digital nomadism easier than ever! Let Nomad Life be your best friend as you explore the world. 🌍

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Why should you use Nomad Life App

The Nomad Life app provides users with helpful information about becoming a digital nomad, how to manage your finances, and how to stay safe while traveling, learn more about peoples, foods, internet, places, brands... It also includes near, next, and similar city suggestions so that users can plan their trips accordingly. Additionally, the app provides users with reviews of cities, help them make the most of their travels.


Best features about us

Nomad Life App is the perfect companion for anyone looking to live and work remotely and travel!

City Details.

City overview, guide, scores, cuisine, internet info, cost of living, weather, air quality and much more necessary informations.

+1500 nomad places.

Over 1500 detailed cities available on us, from all over world, continent & country based

+100 custom search/list.

Specified bunch of custom list such as LGTB+ friendly, which city has fast internet, cheap places for nomad, etc.

Trip planner.

Organized your trip before starting the journey.


You can find best place to live and work

Our guides, scores, and other accurate information will help you plan your next journey. Look out for our custom hand-picked city lists, which are regularly updated with the best places to go and stay. Quickly search for cities and learn all the necessary information before or during your travels.

City guide

Find out country, continents, currency, time zone, trip duration, internet insights, best brands, population, life information, tipping percent, forest area, religion, power adapter, and more.


Get an idea of a city with our Nomad Life scores, such as English Speaking, Foreigners friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly, Wifi quality, Traffic, and more.

Cost of Living

Learn the “Nomad Cost”, “Family Cost”, “Expat Cost”, “Average Meal Price”, “Hotel Price” and all other grocery prices, such as apartments, clothing, banana, wine, beer price, water, etc.

Weather & Air Quality

Check the weather and air quality before you go, or while you travel. Get access to historical weather information monthly and yearly, as well as the current weather. Check air quality to see if it’s safe for you.


Learn about the best and most famous food of the city, which dishes you should try, and which cuisines are originally from there. Also find information about drinks quickly.


Here's what Digital Nomads said

The Nomad Life app has been a great resource for me as I explore the world. It's easy to use, and makes it simple to keep track of all my travel plans. I love being able to plan my route and itinerary, which helps me make the most of my time abroad. It's been a lifesaver for keeping organized, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in nomadic travel

Julia Hoffman
Sales Manager at Yandex

I recently downloaded the Nomad Life app and it has been an absolute game changer! I'm able to quickly and easily find the best places to work remotely and connect with other digital nomads. It's been an invaluable tool for helping me to live a more flexible and location-independent lifestyle. Highly recommend!

Jacques Wilson
Lead tech at FlexBus

The app's cousine feature is a great way to explore delicious new food from around the world. With just a few clicks, I'm able to find the best local restaurants wherever I am. I highly recommend the Nomad Life app for all your foodie adventures!

Josette D. McClellan
Co-founder of Smapp Inc

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Nomad Life is the perfect app for digital nomads and travelers who want to explore the world and make the most of their travels! With detailed information about over 1,500 cities and countries, you can easily plan your trips and get personalized recommendations tailored to your own travel and nomad style.
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